Multidisciplinary Management of Breast Cancer

Dr Gough and Dr Stringer are part of a select group of specialists involved in Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Management in the private sector. Research has shown that a multidisciplinary approach improves outcomes for breast cancer patients. After commencing private practice in 2009, we recognised the importance of creating a multidisciplinary team and with a group of likeminded colleagues and formed the first private multidisciplinary breast cancer meeting in Brisbane. This meeting continues to be held fortnightly at the Wesley Hospital. After commencing at the St Vincent’s Northside Private Hospital, a second team was formed, with meetings held in the intervening weeks. The team comprises surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, geneticists, radiologists, pathologists and breast care nurses.

All cancer patients cared for by Dr Gough and Dr Stringer are presented at a meeting and a formal opinion is given on the best treatment options. We discuss each patient’s individual circumstances and their pathology results to recommend a personalised plan for their cancer management. This recommendation will be discussed with each patient and referrals made to appropriate specialists. The information is forwarded to your GP, who will also be involved in your ongoing care.

BCNA position statements on Multidisciplinary Care

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